Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just for you


had been forced to actually sit down and type this all just so that i can 'help kill 5 mins of my friends time' ........


SO UM YEAH.. HAD BEEN DOING ALMOST NUTS LATELY... ........ kinda miss school life.. but slowly starting to get over it..

usually i would be too free till i could literally do stuffs like...

but started finding myself to be preoccupied with other things coming my way..

so thats the MAIN reason i find it hard to blog these days.. (sigh)

thats funny, i find myself recalling telling this to ahem.. mr G like times three before.. and yet those words can't be compute ..

oh ya, thought of doing this, seemed kinda fun actually,


no need to thank me........ haaahahhaha

wonder who would be on my post next.....=)

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm sorry ..

would like to inform that currently, the mood to actually blog has dried off due to certain reason..personal reason.. need time to actually prepare myself to face the biggest obstacle yet..

Monday, February 23, 2009

hehehe....... note: same like prev post=)

woke up today feeling ..

visited my gf again
.. wanted to spend some

with her... wahaha =)

really, even if i stayed at home, i would not have had the time to do the things i enjoy doing.. wished that i could do the things i want but i just dun feel like it at the moment.. (weird....)

had a severe tummy ache today.. oh~mi~gosh!!
oh ya, putting that aside, 3 of my friends decided to pay me a visit at 3 Ros ( well under the influence of free food) wahaha..

consisted of mau, kerk, and thye siang.. had fun seeing them again even for a short period of time.. really, the distance at where i am living does not really allow me to keep in touch with my friends that often..

about 6.30, went to jj together with her family.. had fun there..did things i myself wouldn't see me doing ...ahha.. played


( beat both jac and her sis at air hockey, but le could not groove as good as the girls ..XD) ehhehe

hell yeah....... luckily Jusco not much ppl.. not so malu.. wahahaha.........

went to McD to have

celaka..i dunno bout u guys but this is the first time i've seen it so small.. .. last time it was way way bigger than this.. price also same/increase.. haizzzzzz..