Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cool things I Did and Saw last weeK

Date: 10/2/2009

Woke up today at around 11.30a.m... got a shock myself.. did not know i'd wake up so darn late.
got a msg , saying that i might eventually be working soon.. =.= oh well...for the experience most of my friends used to tell me.

Gosh jolly , my whole week was fun, so to speak, saw things i dun feel like seeing again.. did things I'd definitely try again.. hahah,

well this pic was not really one of the things i did LaST week.. but i still wanna put it up.. wanna showcase what a tight schedule in the gym can really do for you.. or maybe I'm just overtly light.. haahhah.

Elliot doing push ups with me on him.. Thye Siang's place
One of the days i went over to jacky's place, and found myself doing this..=)

and also found a miniature XO bottle made of chocolate, infused with a slight amount of original XO
errrrr..... really hated this moment.. thought my youngest sis was playing a prank on me by putting one of her toy insects near my mum's door.. i kicked it and it started moving.. i'm not too comfortable with strangely overgrown insects.... lol it was much much larger...
lolxx.. the name says it all! as if.. haha
spotted this bunch of cars at Jaya Jusco's parking lot.. coincidence? i dun think so

And i manage to get my hands on trying my First Dota experience..
on a full 50inch plasma TV!
super awesome could have guessed wat character i've chose by now.. Fuzzy Wuzzy!
at the moment, pretty busy with my driving lessons, barely have time at all.. would start working.. i guess! no!!!!!!!! gone are the days when i can just lay back and relax at home.. T.T
currently at the moment , kinda addicted to Transformers the Movie soundtrack.. till then,

best regards to my sis, jac, and my friends~

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