Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beach Outing

Date: 9/02/2009

stayed home mostly the whole day ~ bored.

in the evening, had the opportunity to go to the beach with Jac.
All thanks to Jon who drove us al the way there.. haha.. spent about 45mins to enjoy the breeze and the view..

back to jacky's place for dinner and had a splendid time with her nephew.. lil boy Darren.

ordered McD for supper, could barely finish it when Jon called us to Dp.
Went there , lepak as usual..
Surprisingly, bought myself a new book entitled `
9 Things You should Simply Do To Succeed In LOVE and LIFE' - handy book i tell ya-

went back at around 10.30p.m
Did not want to interrupt the praying sessions later.. Had a long Chat with Jon, who again agreed to send me home (awesome dude)...
arrive home at about 11.00p.m~
On mns.... (nudge nudge) Dota Call!~ agreed for a game..

fast forward 56mins later....... decided it was too much.. could not take it anymore..
(actions) off lights, switch off comp, zzZZzzzz..

zzz at about 12.25a.m
Dreadful, had driving lessons the very next day... =.=''
What else, Me and
How sweet of her..... haha

Awesome view... too bad the trees were blocking the sunset..

Presenting! Baby boy Darren, cute lil guy.. ! Honetly, he is reallyx3 cute, friendly too=)

the prayer session that Jac's family was preparing for.. if i'm not mistaken, its called `bai tian gong' .. well that was only half of what was on the table.. there was another table behind the one i took a pic off.

~the End~

Today's quote :The True Way and the sure way To friendship is through humility- being open to each other, accepting each other just as we are, Knowing each other.
~Mother Theresa~

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