Saturday, February 21, 2009

Holy Crap.......

just can't imagine i spent my entire month and the month before that doing absolutely nothing..( other than eat,sleep,play and read) really worried now that if i continue this lifestyle, all would be in total mayhem in the near future..

but no worries, next month definitely the pace will start to pick up.. no doubt about that..

right now just hoping that the freaking glue would come off my hands..(there are still a bit of it)..gosh jolly super~glued myself while trying to do a snowman.......

fell really good about myself today.. manage to actually finish reading a book i started a few months ago.. wahaha..

the thought of doing nothing haunts me when i turn.. i look..

OMG!! the worse thing that is going in my mind now is that i am gonna end up a glutton' ,lazy, stuck on my chair mostly the whole day, doing nothing but eat potato chips and other stuff that fill the bottom of my never~ending~pit, my stomach evolving into a mass full of fat and flab.. and end up dying before i can taste the fruit of my youth in the middle of the road one day before May ends..

i have.. to do........SOMETHING!!!!

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