Thursday, February 19, 2009

ps. pls take note that the pictures i use for this post is meant for humor and fun.. it has no connection to anyone whatsoever.....peace!

just cant stand it..

welllllll..........nowadays its so darn

that it is

me slowly............

............ heck see what it did to .....

hell yeah.... dun wan that to happen to me....

that sums it all up.............please do something to stop...


woke up in the morn.. had something to eat.. switched on my tv..... and would u believe, the first channel i ever saw was Nick.. ended up watching

for 2 full whole hours.... could not believe myself..

fuh..yes..i watched


wahahah felt like i was young again.. it has been awhile since i actually did something fun, i mean, fun as in personal fun..instead of locking myself in my room the whole day, facing the computer.. i manage to actually liberate myself to go out from my room to engage in some , errr.. 'physical activities'? mmm gosh that doesn't sound right.. anyways, did something new today..

thought my friend how to ride a bike.. well yeh, would u believe it, my friend does not know even how to ride a bike..well the reasons given were very reasonable.. wahah .. oh well..

luckily......tat didn't happen......... oh my... haha

~ fancy that~ had some fun doing that.. felt pretty weird.. but still fun.. well (if 'you' are reading this now, pls understand what i'm doing, i would like to not attract as much of an attention as possible.. well if u dun, call me and i'll explain.

felt disappointed , slightly. so went to make supper for myself.. waha.. depressed after thinking over the same old trouble again and again..

in the evening, my mum came home, telling me how

i was..

~errr~ i get that often......i just cant figure out why even though i eat so much i can never put on weight.. musta be from the genes.. oh well , i might as look at this as an advantage though, not in the need to go for a diet if i am overweight and al.. wahaha GIRLS ENVY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was joking about that .....

my day ended with me sleeping at about 3.30.....hav no idea why.
drats gonna have trouble waking up early d when school starts..(form 6)


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