Thursday, February 12, 2009

no data in my thick nugget to even write down..

a summary of today.. well lets see..

1) woke up at 11.45..
2) totally missed the delivery my grandmother posted down from ipoh..
3) had been reading other people's blog..
4) err... ate my lunch..(char rice)
5) continue blogging.. posted up a new post..
6) took it down soon after ( way too long)
7) took my shower.. tried out the new shampoo i bought..
8)had my dinner(obviously).. bought it from pasar malam..

played a game with a friend of mine( Kerk)
Lost miserably..
chated on msn..

gosh jolly.........i did nothing really educational today.. heck thats bad..

my worst nightmare, have driving tomorrow..>.<

currently thinking of the useless guy who left me and the rest to handle the prom.. hope he suffers in hell for that.. not even a word of sorry.. oh i have not forgotten him..

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