Friday, February 13, 2009


woke up today.. feeling empty. er, more to feeling hungry.. hahax..

went to have my breakfast.. dressed up.....and.......... went to Melaka Sentral.

said bye to my sis( who went back to kl, continued her studying)..

decided to go to mp, gosh jolly, never seen mp that empty in my life before..all because of that cycling thingy they had.. till all the roads in town were closed..

BAd Traffic Jam~freaking jam.. made us walk al the way to mp.. blarddy Empty! >main entrance< In front of Thai Kuang... sad case man..hahah

Visited peeped into his shop.. saw nothing.. sigh.

took out my phone.. punched in his number..waited

~ring ring ring~

Gary: yeah..
Mikes: hey boy today working not?
Gary: working la then..
Mikes: where you ?
G: toilet...( voice started to soften) forward a bit..
G: now my free time la, in toilet..( that was when i realized something.. hahax sfi boys should have known his fav hobby.. i'm not saying.) after having a short chat, visited Zhi Wei( busy working, too bad could not really
chat with him..)
sembang sembang a bit more when he had to go back to work d.. teman back my gf..went McD makan.. sigh, usually muz line up during the peak hours.. so empty ni.. weird man..

Zhi Wei.. busy dude..

could not finish them chips.. too full d.. decided to play with em..

after that balik... reach her house d, rest for while.. then joined her family for dinner at Uncle John's Kopitiam. ordered err... forgot the name.. hahah.. tried my very best to finish it.. at last did it..XD

went home
( my place )

>total blackout<

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