Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now,just a short intro of my life for the past 17++ years of my life, all condensed in this short post.

Basically i grew up in a very wonderful family, (like mostly everyone of you) grew up, went to school, enjoyed my teenage life and eventually manage to be such as lucky to have found the love of my life just around 2 years back. Unlike all my other friends, i do not have the privilege to be able to visit one another as often as they do to one another. The reason was simple, only God knows why i had to settle down at an area so far away from the city ~sob sob~

quite frankly, i have no regret of my life as it is now. Period.
That said and done, i hope i get this blogging thing right. Heck, i am still not sure how to use my own dashboard, so to speak. sigh.

The unnecessary troubles i get myself into.. lolxx

anyways, i am hoping to blog about a summary about what i was able to indulge myself with since last year till now.

these are my ups and downs that i will never forget.

Memories that stays with me, lives with me, and dies with me.

i just want to take this opportunity to share them with all of you=)

~~~ the experience and values i learned along the way, priceless ~~~

Prefect dinner~ 2008( it was the first time i attended a dinner, for free!!!!!!)

A pic of me and the guys

all acting cool .. well just for a brief moment
went to the pool to take a few pics, that is me and mr.gary. i still remember, he once told me,a very very long time ago that he was not very photogenic.. hahah!
Pursho and Zhi wei with their goody boy look!
no racism here k! bertaubatlah 5H
Cher Pin together with Ganesh and Shilpesh
boy Band in the making?? act cool ni...
not.............(gary and ganesh seem to have the same pose.)
~no comment~
after dinner we went to the pool again to take a few more pictures..well not really, we were actually planning to carry out the plan of the day........ wakakak, Kian chung already calling more friends for help.......poor jeremy does not know whats in for him..
(us) nervously waiting...poor kek, looks so happy while his pic is being taken..
calvin signaling:(aight guys, move it! ) 2thumbs up!
and so we began.. something like a never~ending~tug~of~war
it went on..and on........
and on...............
till finally!
our first victim.........

a list of fun things we had tat night...
1) free food..
2).. free drinks......
4) errrrr.......

a list of BAd things we had tat night.....
1)having to watch the opening of the Beijing olympics with Mr.Ong.C.W
2) a soaking wet jeremy kek..
3)illiyas too..
4)a spoilt phone.
5)drenched underpants.....
6)two depressed guys(me and gary)the one who had planned the whole thing, had to start collecting money to get him a new phone..

Thats all i have for this post, for now,
i would have to agree, blogging is indeed fun, in a way...thanks to all the influences my friends had given me..
i do hope to continue blogging as much as i can asap.

forgive me if i am still not that good at all this, i am, a newbie after all.

~quote for today~
Friendship is the result of making a good impression last

My regards to all close to me.

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