Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A splendid night!

Iz's EarlY birthday Party!!

I’m pretty much the last person who would have blog’ about this.. but anyways, had lots of fun there…lost lots of money too.. (thanks to Jeremy Kek) Heck, i was the only person to have had stayed over his place.. Thanks Isaac

was able to be there when isaac started opening the presents that night...

Watched an awesome dota match (too bad I can’t really play, no xtra computer)

Nuf’ said!!! Here are some of the unpublished pictures at isaac's party!

~Some of it.. hahah~

Reach ni straight away camera all come out... (=.=") thats Mau and Jun Yu together with Then Lung

Elliot, the person responsible for preparing all the food that night. Thanks dude!

me and Justin

Gary, This is what happens wen you drink toOoo much..joke

a group pic, with the Bday boy in front

another group picture, mostly of those who stayed till late..dedicated friends..

Elliot tried a cool trick using a can of beer..

Kinn weng TrieD... =D

soon when all of them went back, i and isaac went upstairs to finally open the presents..
The person who gave this sure does not want his friend to get into unnecessary troubles.. haha!

went into the room that i would be sleeping in..
watched me pals battling it out in Dota..before i and isaac decided to crash into bed
(too tired..1.45a.m)

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