Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i have been starting to have strange cravings for a lot food nowadays. been having meals very often.. and like always, my body weight still does not show any sign of increase.. pretty weird..

decided to participate in a gym day out.. was really pushed far by my gym buddy, where he told me he would feel really bad if i he does not see me going home in pain..( well he meant that in a good way ) .. played with a few heavy iron toys..

was soo pooop after an hour.. can barely move my hands anymore..

it was the first time when i actually spent time with all my f.b.i.l.'s haha.. kinda cool experience though... had to cancel a job at jb.. just because my father does not allow of it.. what a bummer.. well i guess it was supported by a number of valid reasons..

going out soon, to have something to munch.. til then. best regards.

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